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JustGiving is a global online social platform for giving. The firm's headquarters are located in Bankside, London.

A former employee shared his opinion about Just Giving on glassdoor website in April 2017:

"Bad employer. Unfortunately, a manager who was taken on was racist and got rid of anyone that was a) non-white and b) a female."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pretty much everything else. Lack of direction, terrible company culture, HR support non-existent, huge staff turnover, infighting, management who are completely ill-suited to their roles and are holding on for as long as they can get away with it, and morale that seems to be plummeting to new lows on a weekly basis make it hard to see how the company will bounce back. US-owners have little to no interest in the company's mission or culture, having bought at an inflated price with their main focus selling software solutions to charities in the UK. Work on innovative and exciting tech to help the charity world has been replaced with stale and mundane tasks, developers are voting with their feet as people have mentioned in other reviews. Most teams are in panic stations with unreasonable goals, and terribly under-resourced for what they are expected to deliver. The result is a really unpleasant blame-culture, that is far removed from what the company used to be like, when inevitably projects are not delivered on time or successfully and when results don't line up with projections. It's really sad what's happened with JustGiving, as prior to the takeover it was a really rewarding place to work. It wasn't without fault for sure, but I'd say it was an above-average tech company with an excellent pool of talented employees. Unfortunately, many of them left and those left behind have been let down badly by the new owners and the individuals they placed in charge in management."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"Certain members of the management team were so desperate to promote themselves and their self interests that the culture and original vision has fallen by the weigh side. There was a series of redundancies of very experienced people that challenged or would challenge the Management Team. You're now left with a core of less experienced 'yes' people. This has impacted the company significantly and you can see that culturally and financially. JustGiving is a shell of its former self."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Leadership lacks clout, depends on some key contributors but let go if they don’t “toe the line”"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"Weak management, weak company culture."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The disruptive start-up culture of innovation and autonomy has been replaced with a stuffy corporate mentality, favouring process and rules over development and flexibility. WFH and remote working are being severely limited and/or scrapped. Longevity is rewarded over ability so progression opportunities are severely restricted. The Blackbaud international management team cobbled together to run JG since the acquisition lack understanding of the market and consumer brand, so the proposition is no longer competitive or appealing. The competition (GoFundMe, Facebook Causes etc) offer a better product at a lesser cost. The people-before-profits mantra of the founders has been abandoned in the pursuit of shareholder returns - incidentally Blackbaud share value has dropped from $95 down to $60 in the last 12 months. Many departments (IT, marketing, CS) that report into the corporate overlords will undoubtedly be near-shored to Charleston and Texas in 2019. Expect the London office to be reduced in size dramatically in the coming months."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Weak leadership,lack of strategic direction."

Former Employee - Site Reliability Engineer says

"Taken over by mediocre American company"

Steve Voake says

"Absolute rip off. They sneakily include a voluntary contribution to cover their costs ( they already take money from the funds raised) and although I ticked the lowest percentage, they still took the full amount of 15%. So I ended up giving them a whopping £7.50 on top of a £50 donation. This to a company that already makes multi million pound profits. Disgraceful. Won’t be using them again."

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